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Below, you can see some examples of machines, all of them developed and build by the Helmut Weiss GmbH.
Machines for the production of abrasive flap discs
These machines are producing flap discs in either full automatic or semi automatic manner, using backing discs, one compound adhesive and abrasive ribbon off a roll. The different working stations are arranged around a main indexing table which moves the disc from one station to the next. We can offer the following machine types:
Full Automatic Flap Disc Machine FSA 12 MX
Semi-automatic flap-disc-machine HAFSA

Labeling machines for abrasive flap discs
These machines are especially designed for the application of self-sticking, ring-shaped labels onto abrasive flap discs or similar disc shaped products. The labels should be supplied from rolls. Our label donation and application unit is designed in order to achieve the highest reliability for the different types of labels and the greatest accuracy in positioning of the labels. We can offer the following machine types:
Full automatic labelling machine for flap discs ETIK
Semi-Automatic Labeling Machine for Flap Discs HAETIK

Testing equipment for flap discs
Speed Testing Machine DTM
Grinding Test Machine STM

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